Registered Nurse

If you are a Registered Nurse, we have a great opportunity for you! At Ohioans Home Healthcare, our mission is to help individuals lead healthier, more independent lives by providing the highest standard of care. Our Registered Nurses play a critical role in our mission as they interact with and care for patients on a daily basis.
Right now, we are hiring Registered Nurses for full time and part time positions. If you are a RN with home health care experience, don't miss this opportunity to advance your career!
Job Responsibilities:
As a Registered Nurse with Ohioans Home Healthcare, you will be frequently utilizing your skilled nursing experience including but not limited to:

  • Traveling to patient's homes to provide skilled nursing services
  • Case managing your patient's care
  • Facilitating communication with your patient / family / caregiver and between discipline's involved in your patients care
  • Assessment and documentation
  • Recognizing skilled needs based off of your assessment
  • Understanding health insurance and services clients can qualify for under each
  • Organizing and implementing your patient's care including ordering services, supplies and equipment
  • Being a resource to your patient / family / caregiver
  • Reconciling, education and management of patient medications in the home
  • Accepting, writing and following through with physician orders
  • Educating the patient / family / caregiver on items such as disease process / procedures / new medications
  • IVs, PICC lines, lab draws, wound care, trachs, G/J tubes, foley caths, medication administration

We need Registered Nurses for full time and part time. If you are organized, flexible, and passionate about providing quality healthcare, this position was designed for you!
Additional requirements:

  • Current state nursing license
  • Full time and part time positions available
  • Home healthcare / case management experience preferred
  • Ability to travel to complete patient visits
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Computer literate


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